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if i was bisexual i would use this line all the time

I am bisexual and I will, in fact, be using this in the future

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♡ find your best posts on my blog ♡


♡ find your best posts on my blog ♡

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Jim Beaver (Supernatural, and Beau Bridges (The Millers) have teamed up with us at Theatre West to raise money to bring arts education to Title 1 schools that face drastic budget cuts to their arts programs. We are currently halfway to our goal, but with only 7 days left, we need YOUR help! Our…

Guys, there are some really cool rewards here for donating. $40 will get you an autographed copy of Jim Beaver’s book, “Life’s that Way”.  A $60 donation will get you a personalized voice mail greeting for your phone by your choice of Jim Beaver or Beau Bridges. And a $250 donation will get you a private dinner party with Jim Beaver and 12 other donors. So if you’re a Supernatural fan or want to support the arts, please visit this page or reblog to get the word out!